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Probe PeachCloud microservices to evaluate their state and ensure correct API responses.

peach-probe is a CLI tool for contract testing of the public API's exposed by PeachCloud microservices. It is composed of JSON-RPC clients which make calls to the methods of their respective servers and generates a report with the results.

peach-probe also makes use of systemctl status commands to test the status of all PeachCloud microservices.

This utility is intended to provide a rapid means of testing a deployed PeachCloud system and allow informed trouble-shooting in the case of errors.


After adding to /etc/sources.list, as described here, peach-probe can be installed by running: sudo apt-get install peach-probe


    peach-probe [FLAGS] [services]...

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -v, --verbose    prints successful endpoint calls in addition to errors

    <services>...   [possible values: peach_oled, peach_Network, peach_stats, peach_menu, peach_web,
                     peach_Buttons, peach_monitor]

If no service arguments are provided, peach-probe will query all services.

Custom Port Numbers

If peach-microservices are running on ports other than the default ports, this can be specified using environmental variables as documented here.


  • On detecting certain errors, suggest possible fixes
  • Finish querying of all peach-network endpoints