Debian Packaging

The microservices comprising the PeachCloud software suite are packaged for easy deployment and maintainance on Debian and derivative operating systems.

Each microservice repository includes a debian directory which includes a systemd service file and Debian maintainer scripts, including postinst, postrm and prerm scripts. These scripts define behavior for installing and uninstalling the respective services. deb packages are created using the cargo-deb tool (crate).

Install cargo-deb:

cargo install cargo-deb

Create the package:

cargo deb --target aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu

Note: the correct linker, objcopy and strip parameters must be defined in ~/.cargo/config for the above command to execute successfully. Visit the Compilation page and look under 'Configure the linker' for more details.

Install the package:

sudo dpkg -i peach-network_0.1.0_arm64.deb

The service will be automatically enabled and started.

Uninstall the package:

sudo apt-get remove peach-network

Remove configuration files (not removed with apt-get remove):

sudo apt-get purge peach-network