Operating System


PeachCloud runs an unofficial preview image of Debian 10 (Buster). Kernel version: 4.19.0-5-arm64.

Tested images are now available via the Raspberry Pi Debian images page on the Debian wiki. According to Gunnar Wolf, project maintainer and Debian developer, the page: "should serve as a go-grab-it destination for regularly autobuilt images for the Raspberry Pi family". Note that these images are considered unofficial, ie. they are not part of an official Debian project.

Why Debian?

In order to be flexible in supporting single-board computers beyond the Raspberry Pi alone, and to take full advantage of 64-bit support on ARMv8 devices, development for PeachCloud is being targeted at Debian ARM64.

Debian was chosen over the Raspbian operating system for several reasons:

  • Full ARM64 support, unlike Raspbian which uses 32 bit mode
  • Flexibile deployment to a range of single board computers
  • Access to latest code in Debian testing
  • Relatively lightweight base install ( < 2GB )

The downsides to this approach are a lack of support (most online resources assume use of Raspbian) and a minimal set of drivers on the base install.