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GPIO microservice module for handling button presses. peach-buttons implements a JSON-RPC server with Publish-Subscribe extension. Each button press results in a JSON-RPC request being sent over websockets to any subscribers. A button code for the pressed button is sent with the request to subscribers, allowing state-specific actions to be taken by the subscriber.

In the case of PeachCloud, the peach-menu microservice subscribes to peach-buttons in order to update the state of the menu after each button press.

Note: This module is relatively stable but is still a work-in-progress.

Directory Tree

├── Cargo.lock
├── Cargo.toml
├── src
│   ├──        // custom ButtonError type and From implementation
│   ├──    // interrupt handler with GPIO polling
│   ├──          // RPC server and pubsub handler, pin definitions
│   └──         // init logger, call run() & catch application errors

Pin to Button to Button Code Mappings

4 => Center => 0,
27 => Left => 1,
23 => Right => 2,
17 => Up => 3,
22 => Down => 4,
5 => A => 5,
6 => B => 6

Note: peach-buttons utilizes the GPIO character device ABI. This API, stabilized with Linux v4.4, deprecates the legacy sysfs interface to GPIOs that is planned to be removed from the upstream kernel after year 2020.


Clone this repo:

git clone

Move into the repo and compile:

cd peach-buttons
cargo build --release

Run the binary with sudo:

sudo ./target/release/peach-buttons

Logging is made availabe with env_logger:

sudo RUST_LOG=info ./target/release/peach-buttons

Other logging levels include debug, warn and error.

Testing Subscription