Physical Interface

The PeachCloud physical interface consists of a 5-way joystick, two push-buttons and a 128x64 OLED display.

Development is taking place on the AdaFruit 128x64 1.3" OLED Bonnet. This bonnet comes in the pHAT form-factor and requires 3.3V power. It uses 9 GPIO pins and communicates over I2C. The included OLED display utilises the SSD1306 driver.

Note: the 5-way joystick may be replaced by four or five push-buttons in the release version of the physical interface.


The OLED display shows the PeachCloud logo on start-up. Pressing the A button (#5) loads the root of the menu system. The UP and DOWN directions on the joystick allow scrolling through the menu options, while the A button functions as Select and the B button (#6) functions as Back.

Any button or joystick direction can be pressed to wake the display after selecting Display Off.

Menu Structure

├── Networking
│   └── MODE
│   └── STATUS
│   └── NETWORK
│   └── IP
│   └── SIGNAL
│   └── Configuration
│       └── Client Mode
│       └── Access Point Mode
├── System Stats
│   └── CPU
│   └── MEM
│   └── LOAD
│   └── UPTIME
│   └── DATA RX
│   └── DATA TX
├── Display Off
├── Reboot
└── Shutdown